Directions to Campus Village at Dalian American International School

From Downtown Dalian via the Development Area

  1. From Downtown take Dongbei Lu (东北路) heading north out of town, past Metro and Ikea.
  2. Dongbei Lu (东北路) will merge briefly with Haubei Lu (华北路)---they come together only for about 200m and then split again; you will stay to the right and follow Zhen Xing Lu (振兴路) to the to the Development Area--follow the signs to Development Area.
  3. Once you reach the Development Area you will see a "power plant looking" industrial complex with tall stacks, and a small park directly in front of the stacks with serveral large ring sculptures, stay to the right and you be on Jinma Lu (金马路), the main drag through the Development Area.
  4. Follow Jinma Lu (金马路) past Inn Fine Hotel to the next light (you will see the Golden Imperial Hotel to your left, China Merchants Bank to your right, and a Bank of China caddy-corner)---take a left.
  5. This will be Liaohe West Road (辽河西路), which will take you directly to GoldenPebble Beach (金石滩 Jinshitan); just follow the signs. Note that Liaohe West Road (辽河西路) will change names three times as you proceed towards Golden Pebble Beach: Liaohe West Road (辽河西路) become Liaohe Middle Road (辽河中路 Liaohe Zhong Lu), then Liaohe East Road (辽河东路 Liaohe Dong Lu), and finally Golden Pebble Road (金石路 Jinshi Lu).
  6. When you arrive in Golden Pebble Beach you will pass the main Resort Entrance with a huge "pirate ship" in the middle of the road, you cannot miss it. You will see Campus Village and Dalian American International school directly behind the visitor center, on the other side of the Light Rail tracks, behind the new Chateau de Bordeaux housing development. The Chateau de Bordeaux development between the Resort Entrance and the campus may block the view of the campus from the Resort Entrance, especially in summer when the tree are full of leaves.
  7. Because there is no overpass over the the tracks, you will proceed forward and take a left at the first light (Be Careful: There is a road only a few meters before the road with the traffic light; do not mistakingly take this road; turn left at the light).
  8. After turning left, you will immediately enter a tunnel; this will take you under the Light Rail tracks and get you on the proper side (South side) of the tracks.
  9. Once you emerge from the tunnel, you will proceed forward about 200m and vere to the right at the sharp left turn in the road. You will immedialy cross over a small stream bridge and proceed forward about 200m to a very sharp right turn.
  10. Proceed forward to the next "T" in the road; directly ahead and to the left is Campus Village and Dalian American International School campus.
  11. If you continue straight, you will end up at the round-a-bout in front of Dalian American International School.

 See the detail map below for the final section of the route:


Below is a standard Google Map; you can zoom out as need:

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