The immediate area around the campus, as well as the greater Golden Pebble Beach area, is changing rapidly. This quite coastal resort has been, and continues to be, subject to considerable development in both housing and commercial construction. The Da Shang Group is beginning construction on a new shopping center directly across from the Light-Rail Station; we are hopeful this will be completed and occupied by 2014.

Just south of the campus is located the Hunting Club, a place to shoot targets, skeet shoot, and play paint-ball wars. Also, on the same road is a new facility called Tang Dynasty Hot Springs. Tang Dynasty offers many bathing pools with different "herbal" waters.

Cheateau de Bordeoux, a new housing complex immediately adjacent to the campus was progressing at breakneck speed last year, but has since come to a crawl. The facade looks good so far, and since that is the part we see, that is good enough.

Kingdoms of Discovery is a medium-sized theme park with rides and entertainment similar to "Six Flags" sized theme parks in America. The kids will like this.

About one kilometer from the campus is the main Golden Pebble Beach public access areas. There are several kilometers of pedestrian friendly beaches to bathe in the water or just take a walk. Most of the coastal area is rocky with steep cliffs. If you have ever seen the Oregon coast, the Liaoning beaches will look similar.

Directly south of the campus is a blueberry farm.


Further up the Road

The Development Area of Dalian is about a 20 minute drive west. Located here are the bigger supermarkets, shopping centers, and many restaurants.

About 40 minutes away is Dalian City proper. Here you will find all the things you would expect in a large Chinese city of 6-7 million people.

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