Kaifaqu AnSheng Shopping Mall

AnSheng Shopping Mall has been the anchor of the Dalian Development DDA (hereafter "DDA") for about eight years. This where the only Starbucks in the DDA resides, as well a basement level Walmart (formerly Trust Mart). Scatter around the first floor are several vendors, including Subway, Dairy Queen, BreadTalk, etc. Gome electronics store is also on the first floor--a safe place to buy if you do not want to haggle with the local vendors. There is a DVD shop on the second floor.

The second thru the fourth floor are where you will find the normal shopping center items: clothes, household items, etc.

The fifth floor is a food court with some pretty good Chinese food. The Dao Xiao Mian (knife cut noodles) are excellent.

Around the perimeter of the shopping center you will find a KFC, Ajisen Noodle House, Wang Jiang Dumpling, and many other small restaurants. There are also many street vendors selling various dishes, including the BBQ kabobs, if you think you have a strong stomach. We would not recommend eating from street vendors until you have been in China for a while and built-up your resistance to the local bacteria.

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