Pacific Center (Taiping Yang Zhongxin 太平洋中心) at Victory Square (Shengli Guangchang 胜利广场)

Pacific Center is probably the nicest mall in Dalian, and located in the popular Victory Square. The building includes six floors of mid-range and high-end retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

  • The ground floor houses a Starbucks, Häagen-dazs Ice Cream, BreadTalk, Watson's, cosmetic vendors, and many clothing stores.
  • The first floor includes many watch, crystal, and cosmetic vendors, as well as an Amici Coffee shop.
  • The second and third floor are clothing shops for the most part, including high-end outdoor wear, such as Timberland and North Face. The is also a Dairy Queen on this floor overlooking Starbucks below.
  • The fifth floor is smorgasbord of fast food shops and restaurants. Athletic shops can also be found on this floor behind the restaurant area.
  • The sixth floor houses larger, more sophisticated restaurants. There is an excellent Guangdong-style restaurant located here; you can also sit on the open-area patio overlooking Labor Park.


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