Can I change some of the furniture?
Yes, we are always willing to work with residents to achieve a balance of furniture that fits their needs. However, these requests need to be reasonable and usually restricted to furniture we have on hand. For example, changing a room from a bedroom to an office is no problem; changing from a twin bed to a bunk-bed is no problem; etc.

Can I rent the home unfurnished or partially furnished?
Yes and maybe. While we have done this in the past many times, this is not a desirable option for us since we must store the furniture removed from the home. Every case is handled individually and is determined by several factors, such as length of contract, if we have an established relationship with the company already, number of children attending the school, etc.

Will you replace the mattresses?
Almost always the answer is no, unless the mattresses is not in good condition. If you or your company is willing to include the cost of the new mattresses in the rent, we can negotiate the matter. When we have done this in the past, we amortized the cost of the mattresses and 21% tax (because it is included in the rent, we must pay tax on the amount) across the length of the contract. 

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