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I have decided this approach is way to complicated to implement, and I am exploring software options which will allow all registered users to add "reviews" of their favorite places around Dalian, and possibly beyond. Once the final decision is made and software loaded and running, I will let everyone know. I will ask for a few volunteers that have been around Dalian for a while to create the first entries as a test run. Between all of us expats living here in Dalian, we have a wealth of knowledge that could be shared about shopping, restaurants, destinations, etc., we just need a repository that is easy to access, create, and edit information. Sincerely, Robert.


Below is a list of shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, attractions, etc. Each link will take you to an article with a Google Map included. If you know of a great place that should be included, please submit the name and location to one of the Campus Village staff.

Note: This is a work in progress and will probably take some time to complete.

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Shopping Centers with Attached Supermarket:

Kaifaqu (DDA):

  • An Sheng/Tesco Shopping Area
    • Kaifaqu An Sheng
    • Tesco & iMall
    • Jinma Market (a.k.a. Stinky Market)
    • Electronics Market
    • Da Shang Electronics
    • Sunning
    • Hardware and Tools
  • Five Color City
    • Harbor Deli
  • Hong Mei District
    • Sunny's Import Store
    • Wanguo Xiaochu Market
    • Xinsheng Guocai Market (Good selection Fruits and Veggies)
    • Korean Store
    • Meat Market I
  • Design Center I
  • Design Center II

Dalian City:

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