Campus Village is one the few places in China where you can enjoy authentic American-style smoked brisket, chicken, salmon, and other BBQ dishes. Our smokers were fabricated here in Dalian according to American design specifications, and are situated here on campus.

For numerous reason, we have decided to allocate a recent 30 sq.m. addition to our buildings for the specific purpose of a kitchen/dining area to service the smokers. During many of our larger special events, we have several volunteers that help tend the smokers. This new area will provide a great environment for them to hang-out during the long hours required to prepare food for the hundreds of people that attend these events.

However, Rancho Texicano will be far more than a seldom used kitchen. It will also house a commercial stove and oven, a lava grill for burgers and steaks, and a commercial hot-plate for cooking Teppanyaki-style and making crepes. It will have a farmhouse sink for handling larger dishes, as well as a traditional dual sink area. There will be a large maple-wood chopping block for working flour and chopping. A four-door commercial refrigerator will keep things cool. A large table will allow the cooks and guests to sit around and enjoy the fruits of their labor after a hard day of cooking.

Outside, the smokers will be covered under a new awning, to keep the rain or sun off the chefs (and the smokers). This will be much appreciated considering the torrential rain or blazing sun of the recent years. There will also be a custom-made fire-pit and firewood storage area adjacent to the smokers. During the cool nights of Dalian, the fire-pit will be the perfect place to sit around and talk about life while snacking on the salmon smoked that day.

Once Rancho Texicano is finished and we have tested everything, we will make it available exclusively to Campus Village residents for reservation and rental for a reasonable fee. The fee would cover such things as wood, gas, electricity, cleaning, etc.

Presently, we expect the Rancho Texicano inside area to finish some time in December 2012. The outside area will be finished during early Spring--after the coldest days of Winter have past.


...A hum, hum, hum, hum

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