Campus Village at Golden Pebble Beach
The Hungry Scholar Cafe & Bistro

Robert Stahl; General Manager

Campus Village    Phone: +86 (411) 8791-5171    Fax: +86 (411) 8791-5181
Kelly Ma; Residential Manager
Jasmine Du; Property Management Assistant - Contracts
Nancy Han; CV, THS & DAIS Procurement
Joyce Yue; Property Management Assistant - Utilities
Teyla Li; Property Management Assistant - Gymnasium

The Hungry Scholar    Phone: +86 (411) 8791-5060
Tian Ming; Front Manager
Luo Weixin; Head Chef
Jiang Zhexue; Head Baker

Security, Maintenance, and Custodial Services
Ai Min, Manager
Wang Kai, Head of Security
Ge Changwei, Head of Maintenance
Zuo Lili, Head of Housekeeping

Postal Address:
2 Dianchi Road; Golden Pebble Beach
Dalian Jinzhou Xinqu, P.R. China 116650


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